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Review: WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate– A fabulous, Fast and easy to use converter

WonderShare Video_Converter UltimateDownloading a video on your PC, and then playing it on different devices isn’t a easy task. You have to convert it again and again for each device. By the way, When did you converted a video last time? How fast was your converter? Did you tried any alternative? If no, Then you must try WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is has a nice, clean and beautiful interface with lots of built-in features. While Video converting is its main function, It also have may other eye-caching built-in features too. Such as Video Editing, Video Downloading and DVD Burning and Wireless Video Sharing. Here is a review of Its features.

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Android Apps: 6 Essential apps that every android user should have



Apps Apps and Apps!! There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store, making it a giant jungle, where it is difficult to find perfect applications for your Smartphone.


Currently, There are millions of smartphone users in the world and all of them have a different taste, Apps liked by one are disliked by another, But some apps are essential and are required for everyone, So today, here on technostriker, I am posting about 6 must-have-to android apps that almost every user will need.

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4 Things that every tablet user must try

PC Tablet Tablet can be a great companion for you as these days people find it more convenient to carry them, than any other gadget. The major advantage of tablets is that it is that it can be help you in playing games, watching movies, reading e-books and e-papers, listening music etc. There are numerous things that you can do with the help of the tablets and you can really explore what are actually the things that you can do with the tablet. Here are the four things that i think every tablet user must try.

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Growth of Sales in Smartphones on global level [Infographic]

Today, Almost everybody around us own a Smartphone.  And sales and demand of smart phones is increasing day by day.

Since the release of Android and iOS, the growth of sales in smart phones tremendously increased. Even kids today want a smartphone for their personal use.

Owning a Beautiful and expensive smartphone has  also became a fashion in teenagers and adults. 

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Google’s I am feeling lucky: 5 Funky Effects that you’ve never heard before.

Devil Google

Long time ago, I wrote about Google’s Hacker Language, which got a huge attention of readers,  This time, I am back with some more funny tricks about Google. How many times do you use Google’s I am feeling lucky button?


Maybe, Non of you.

So today, Mr.Mojo and I thought, why not to tell you about some great I am feeling lucky tricks which will make you a fan of it. But first, You have to disable Instant Search feature, which is enabled by default.

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What Does 404 and Other HTTP Error Codes Mean?

404 Error

Sometimes when you try to open a webpage but instead of opening you get is a mysterious code number. What do they mean?  Today we will talk about these codes in our topic. These Codes Are Called HTTP Status Codes.

HTTP Status codes are returned by the server to the client software to determine the outcome of a request, the codes below are the HTTP /1.1 codes.

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6 best free softwares to Open PSD files without installing Adobe Photoshop

buy-adobe-photoshop-cs5-extended (1) Image editing is very common now-a-days and when it comes to image editors, Adobe Photoshop is the the first choice of everyone . Mostly its users save Images in PSD format (PhotoShop Document) because of its flexibility to save layers, channels, blending etc. However, It becomes trouble for you when you receive a pic or logo etc in a PSD file and you don’t have Photoshop installed, because default image viewer doesn’t support PSD files nor Ms.Paint can edit it. Photoshop comes with an expensive price, so that you may not want to buy it just to view a single picture.

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