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Now You Can Print Photos Directly From Your SmartPhone With This PhoneCase

 Prynt - Print directly from your smartphones

Most of the people capture there photos on smartphone and never look at them again. But, Thumbs up for this Kickstarter company which tried to change the whole scenario. Now You can instantly print the photos that you take, directly from your smartphone, without trouble and hesitation with this new gadget named Prynt.

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Change Windows 7 Logon Screen without using any software


Windows 7 is The most popular OS of Microsoft after windows XP. And like XP, most people like to tweak, modify and customize it. They love to change its boot screen, color, icons, logon screen etc. But do you know that you can customize its LOGON SCREEN without using any kind of software. If you don’t know about this tweak, then my this post is definitely for you. See the screenshot below.

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A secret game in Google Chrome that you might like to play.

Look at the image given below of the “you’re offline page” in Google Chrome. You may have seen that "Unable to connect to the Internet" page a million times,  But do you know, That there is a hidden game on this page.



The dinosaur, in the picture may look like an ordinary image, without any reason to be there, But actually, There is a special reason for it to be here.

Because, You may not know, that there is a game hidden in it… So Here is the trick to play it.


Note: Read all the steps before playing the game.


Step 1: Disconnect the internet.

Step 2: Open a new tab by pressing CTRL+T.

Step 3: Open any website (Or click this link to open)

Step 4: Now, You may see the “Unable to connect window” at this time.

Step 5: Now, Finally start the game by pressing “Space” or “Up Arrow” key.



And Now, Enjoy the game….


PS) You may have played this game offline, Now, Connect to internet, and start playing again


And yes!!, Don’t forget to share this interesting game with your friends and family on Facebook and Google+.


Image Credits: jrathage on DeviantArt

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Passwords that Dumb people Use (Make sure that you dont have one of them)


Privacy is something that everybody cares about, We don’t want anyone to notice our activities. And when it comes to Internet, Most of our activities that are online are protected by a password.

Recently, Splash Data, A company that provides password management solutions, recently released a list of “Most Commonly Used (or Hacker Friendly) Passwords”.

See it and make sure that you don’t use any one of them.

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Download And Installing an IDE (CodeBlocks) for C++

In pervious post, I’ve given you an intro  about compilers, programming languages etc. In this, I am going to tell you how to install an compiler, with IDE… But wait, Had I told you about IDE? No… So here is a bit about IDE.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDE is a program that contain a whole bundle of softwares, such as compiler, debugger, Graphical User Interface (GUI) etc.

There are many compilers such as Visual Studio, Codelite, CYGWIN (Commandline Compiler) etc. But here, We are going to use CodeBlocks Compiler. You can use any alternative if you want, But it will be helpful for you to use the compiler that I am using.
Ok, So here we start. Here are step-by-step instructions to download and install CodeBlocks.

Downloading Codeblocks:

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and go to http://www.codeblocks.org/
  2. Click on Downloads Button present in the main barDownloadButton
  3. Click on “Download the binary releaseDownloadBinaryCodeBlocks
  4. Then, On the following screen, click on the operating system that you are using. I am using Windows, So I will click on “Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7//8”CodeBlocksforXP_Vista_7_8
  5. Now, You’ll see three options for windows, find “codeblocks-13.12mingw-setup.exe”, And download it from Sourceforge.netCodeBlocksLinktoSForge
  6. Wait for a few seconds, and you’ll see download BoxCodeBlocks_Downloadbox

Installing CodeBlocks.

Now, After download follow the following steps to Install Codeblocks.

  1. Double-Click on the file that you’ve downloaded.Install1
  2. When it asks for permission, click on YES
  3. Click on Next, And then on I AGREE
  4. Under Next, Screen select “Full: All Plugins, All Tools, Just Everything” if it isn’t already selected.Install2
  5. Click on Next Button, Select location (I’ll install on default), and then click on Install.
    (If It asks that do you want to run program now. If you already know C++, then click on yes, Else Click on NO for now. Smile)
  6. Click on next and then on Finish
    Congratulations, You’ve successfully downloaded and installed Codeblocks Hot smile

In the next tutorial, you’ll create your own first and very basic C++ program. I’ve tried my best to make it as easy as possible. If there is anything confusing then you can ask me in comments.

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An Introduction to Programming Languages, Algorithms, compilers etc

Hello and welcome Readers, In my last post, I’ve told you that I’ll post C++ tutorials and fundamentals on my website, twice a week. This is my first post regarding C++. In this post, I will introduce you to some common terminologies and words used in Programming and I will also tell you about C Language and C++. So, Here we start.

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Welcome Readers, Lets Learn programMing together :)

Hello Everyone, Huh!! Life is busy… So are we…


Anyways, I have to share something with you. I am selected for Software Engineering at Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), the only university in our province that offers Software Engineering (Phew!! I am feeling lucky for that).

We are learning C++ Programming now…


Today, I thought, What about our readers who are curious about programming? and want to learn it… So here, On TechnoStriker, I am going to post all the material of C++ that we are going to learn in University.


My mid-semester exams will finish on 2nd December, and after that, I am going to post C++ tutorials online… (Twice a week)

So kindly join me in Learning C++, and Have a happy learning life.

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